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Using Battery Plus

To use Battery Plus, we provided you with easy to access API. Start by making an instance of Battery.

final Battery _battery = Battery();

Access information about the state of device charging

The available states are:

  • Full: the battery is at 100%, full of energy.
  • Charging: the battery is being charged.
  • Discharging: the battery is losing energy.
  • Connected, but not charging: the battery is connected to power source, but not charging. This state is only available on Android, MacOS and Linux platforms.
  • Unknown: unable to read the battery state or the device has no battery.

To get this information in realtime, you can subscribe to the stream from the Battery API.

// The enum that holds different states of a battery
BatteryState _batteryState;
// Create a StreamSubscription that will emit BatteryState values
StreamSubscription<BatteryState> _batteryStateSubscription;

void initState() {

// Initialize the subscription by listening to onBatteryStateChanged Stream
_batteryStateSubscription =
_battery.onBatteryStateChanged.listen((BatteryState state) {

// Each time the battery state changes, the local state of the widget is updated
setState(() {
_batteryState = state;

Trying to run this code on Android emulator will result in Unknown state, but Android emulator provides a way of emulating the different states from its settings. By clicking the menu icon (three vertical dots) then going to battery section.

On the other hand, there is no way of doing the same on iOS simulator, you won't be able to read the state or battery percentage, so it's always Unknown, better to debug on a real device, web or desktop.

Read current battery energy percentage

Using the same Battery instance, it's possible to read the current percentage of energy in the device battery.

final batteryLevel = await _battery.batteryLevel;

Check if battery save mode is on


This check is currently available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms only

The is also a possibility to check if device has battery save mode enabled

final isInSaveMode = await _battery.isInBatterySaveMode;